The legal discovery & ediscovery process

We can customise the discovery process to suit your needs

Court obligations

Discovery is usually required to be given in accordance with Schedule 9 of the High Court Rules.  There may be specific requirements you should meet when carrying out your discovery obligations: for example, compliance with the Listing & Exchange protocol.
We have full knowledge of the applicable High Court and District Court Rules. 

Managing the process from start to finish

We provide high quality services for converting paper-based documents into searchable documents that can be stored on our cloud for ease of access to take advantage of our unique solution.

Consulting & advice

Whether you need preliminary advice or assistance with any aspect of discovery, litigation support or document management - we're here to help.  We also consult and provide solutions for other document management services.

Adjudications and arbitrations

We can assist with collating bundles and documents for arbitration and adjudication, taking the hassle out of the electronic aspects and allowing you to focus on the requirements of the case.

Document review and litigation support

We can assist with discovery by:

  • De-duplication: ensuring that duplicated documents are removed

  • Email threading: we can advise on the best options to present email chains and threads for efficient review

  • Identifying document sources

  • Identification of parent documents

  • Advice on technology-assisted review: utilising technology to assist with document review

We can either advise or carry out the whole service.
We can work with all different types of electronically stored data, as well as hard-copy documents.

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